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HASSUG and Houston BI User Group normally meets on the second Tuesday of every month during lunch time.   Occasionally, we will meet at other time, so please watch this page for updates. 


10111 Richmond Ave
Houston, Texas 77042

Next Meeting: Tue, Mar 10 2015

HASSUG & H-BI Monthly Meeting - March 10, 2015

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person
Online Meeting URL: None

The schedule for this meeting will be:

11:30-11:40 – Announcements
11:40-12:40 – Pivots, Cursors and Temp Tables, Oh Boy!! – Steve Allison
12:40-1:00 – Lunch sponsored by MATRIX Resources
1:00-2:00 – Agile Methods for Business Intelligence - Jaynee Beach
2:00-2:30 – Recap Announcements & Networking


UTC : Tue, Mar 10 2015 16:30 - 19:30
Event Time : Tue, Mar 10 2015 11:30 - 14:30 Central Daylight Time
Your Local Time: Tue, Mar 10 2015 16:30 - 19:30


10111 Richmond Ave, Suite 100
Houston, Texas

Direction: None

Featured Presentation

Pivots, Cursors and Temp Tables, Oh Boy!!

Speaker: Steve Allison Even Game

Summary: This topic will cover the basics of taking some wild thing a front end guy wants to send you and get something even stranger on output. So we will start with the front end sending you several columns of matching field names and matching strings of data via xml. We will take that xml and convert it to a temp table and then use cursors to get data matching the identifiers out and then finally pull data out in a pivot table to give some summary data back. The fun and joys of having to develop code fitting what a front end developer built.

About Steve: I am a long time IT person who started programming in 1976 with my father. My Company is Even Game, and we are "Leveling the playing field through technology," We focus on small to mid sized companies providing them with software as a service for their production needs. We currently have a small server cluster with Hosting.com which provides our hardware and software requirements for Firewall and closed network environment. Our apps are web-based and we build most everything in JQuery, Coldfusion, Coldbox, Contentbox, and MSSQL for the database.

Agile Methods for Business Intelligence

Speaker: Jaynee Beach, Senior Engagement Manager and Agile Strategist MATRIX Resources

Summary: The most difficult challenges in BI are framed around speed and accuracy in the delivery of information. This includes the ability to provide accurate information in a timely manner, the ability to quickly modify or configure reports, and the ability to create new reports or dashboards that are meaningful to consumers of information Due to the ever-changing landscape of BI, having an Agile mindset seems made-to-order. However, there are some unique challenges to implementing Agile practices and methodologies. It is not enough to merely have a team that is willing to spend a few minutes every morning in a daily stand-up, or to break down the development work into time-boxed iterations. This presentation takes Agile beyond the basic Scrum ceremonies, and shows how to deliver earlier value to the enterprise.

About Jaynee: Jaynee Beach has been in the IT business since 1981, writing and testing code, analyzing systems, and designing human-computer interfaces. She has worked as a project manager and leader for the past sixteen years, currently as the Senior Manager for Project Services at MATRIX Resources, with clients in the oil and gas, finance, aerospace, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Her unique skillset includes a passion for designing usable and failsafe systems. Jaynee’s combination of creative user interface design and determined project delivery have resulted in co-patents in the Aerospace, and Oil & Gas industries. She has been a certified Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Scrum Coach for over a decade. Jaynee holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Math from Troy State University, and graduate degrees in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington.



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