Houston Area SQL Server User Group

HASSUG and Houston BI User Group normally meets on the second Tuesday of every month during lunch time.   Occasionally, we will meet at other time, so please watch this page for updates. 


10111 Richmond Ave
Houston, Texas 77042

Next Meeting: Tue, Jun 09 2015

HASSUG & H-BI Monthly Meeting - June 9, 2015

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person
Online Meeting URL: None

*** Parking Update ***: The first floor is now 2 hour parking only, so please park on an upper floor.


Meeting Agenda:

11:30-11:40 – Announcements

11:40-12:40 – A DBA’s Pick of Differences Between SQL Server and Oracle – Jason Wong

12:40-1:00 – Lunch\Networking sponsored by Netwrix

1:00-2:00 – Dramatically Decrease Data Warehouse Load Times – Tyler Chessman

2:00-2:30 – Recap Announcements – Raffle; Networking


Attendees are free to come/go as they wish for the topics of most interest to them if they can’t stay for the entire time.


UTC : Tue, Jun 09 2015 16:30 - 19:30
Event Time : Tue, Jun 09 2015 11:30 - 14:30 Central Daylight Time
Your Local Time: Tue, Jun 09 2015 16:30 - 19:30


10111 Richmond Ave, Suite 100
Houston, Texas

Direction: None

Featured Presentation

A DBA’s Pick of Differences Between SQL Server and Oracle

Speaker: Jason Wong, Sr. DBA http://dbace.us

Summary: In this session, I will talk about 5 major differences between SQL Server and Oracle, namely: 1. Backup, Restore, Recovery (RMAN vs T-SQL/PowerShell) 2. Schema (Single vs Multi tenants) 3. Alter Index Rebuild (defragmentation) 4. AWR, ASH vs DMV/DMF (Performance Trouble-shooting) 5. Data Guard Mode vs AO Availability Group Mode (synch, asynch). Target audiences should have SQL Server DBA working knowledge and basic knowledge in Oracle on these topics.

About Jason: Jason Wong has 25+ years experiences working as programmer, apps admin, IT Applications Manager, Sr. DBA in greater Houston area. He has been a SQL Server community speaker since 2008. His career profile, education, publication, travel experiences, along with other interests can be found on his web site. (no commercials, no tracking) http://dbace.us

Dramatically Decrease Data Warehouse Load Times

Speaker: Tyler Chessman, Technology Specialist Microsoft

Summary: Recently, I needed to optimize a nightly batch process for a SQL Server data warehouse that involved loading over 250,000 flat files. With a bit of experimentation and research, I was able to decrease the overall load time from 14 hours to under 15 minutes. To do so, I used: • Something old - the T-SQL BULK INSERT command, • Something new - Memory-Optimized tables in SQL Server 2014, and • Something borrowed - a trick to execute T-SQL commands asynchronously (and in parallel).

About Tyler: Tyler is a technology specialist for Microsoft, helping customers evaluate and adopt Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform. He's also the author of the book Understanding the United States Debt (www.UnderstandingTheUSDebt.com).



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