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Abusing FOR XML PATH - Dane SchillingNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation and Demo Links1/9/201367.05 KBDownload
Agile & BI - Jaynee BeachNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation3/12/20154.14 MBDownload
BI Usage Monitoring - Tyler ChessmanNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation & Demo Scripts2/13/20132.77 MBDownload
Cook - Tips & Tricks Demo ScriptsNancy Hidy WilsonDemo Scripts8/13/20120.90 KBDownload
Cursors Temp Tables Pivot - Steve AllisonNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation3/12/201571.50 KBDownload
Differential Backups - David Swanson, QuestNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation5/17/2011876.84 KBDownload
DPM 2010Nancy Hidy WilsonPresentation5/19/20102.57 MBDownload
Employment and Job Seeking Trends in the Current EconomyNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation8/11/2009242.50 KBDownload
Essential Database MaintenanceNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation5/19/2010UnknownDownload
Fusion-io - SQL 2008 at the speed of lightNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation3/9/20102.99 MBDownload
Geeking Out on Extended Events By Janis GriffinLynn McKee 10/13/20152.37 MBDownload
Houston BI User Group Mtg III - Deck and DemosTyler ChessmanPresentations7/15/2011UnknownDownload
Houston BI User Group Mtg III - Deck and Demos Part IITyler ChessmanPresentations7/15/2011UnknownDownload
Integrating SQL Server 2008 Spatial Capabilities with Microsoft Virtual EarthNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation & Demo Scripts7/28/2009UnknownDownload
Intro to PowerShell for DBAs - Part 1 - Nancy Hidy WilsonNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation & Demo Scripts7/14/2015333.77 KBDownload
Intro to PowerShell for DBAs - Part 2 - Nancy Hidy WilsonNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation & Demo Scripts8/15/201574.32 KBDownload
Microsoft Reporting Tools on Sharepoint 2010Nancy Hidy WilsonPresentation12/13/20113.25 MBDownload
More PowerShell Tips for DBAsNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation & Demo Scripts8/11/200933.58 KBDownload
PowerShell for DBAsNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation & Demo Scripts7/28/2009540.76 KBDownload
Query Tuning - Getting it Right the First TimeNancy Hidy WilsonLive Meeting Presentation6/24/201111.24 MBDownload
Self Service BI: Focus on PowerPivot for Excel 2010Nancy Hidy WilsonPresentation1/13/20102.36 MBDownload
Sharepoint - Best Practices for SQL ServerNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation1/13/2010UnknownDownload
SharePoint - Best Practices for SQL Servers (LiveMeeting)Nancy Hidy WilsonLiveMeeting Video Presentation6/15/201015.70 MBDownload
SQL Server 2012 DB Engine: Why Upgrade?Nancy Hidy WilsonPresentation & Demo Scripts11/13/20121.02 MBDownload
Top 10 Defaults to Change - Jason WongNancy Hidy WilsonLive Meeting - Hi-Fi Presentation format6/15/2010UnknownDownload
Top 10 Defaults to Change pdf - Jason WongNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation6/15/20101.59 MBDownload
Top 10 Mistakes - Kevin KlineNancy Hidy WilsonLive Meeting Hi-Fi Presentation format4/14/20109.01 MBDownload
Top 10 Mistakes ppt - Kevin KlineNancy Hidy WilsonPowerpoint Presentation4/14/2010UnknownDownload
Transactional Replication 101Nancy Hidy WilsonPresentation7/27/2009UnknownDownload
Working with XML in SQL Server - Kendal van DykeNancy Hidy WilsonPresentation10/5/2012201.79 KBDownload
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